Special Systems


We give customers the ability to incorporate special mechanical, power, electronics, finish, and civil systems into all of our products. For any of our product lines, choose from thousands of load-outs.

What Sets EBS Apart

Special systems installation capabilities are what make EBS truly unique. We don’t rest until we outfit your facility with the right solution, even if it hasn’t been invented yet.

  • From napkin sketch to reality; we provide in-house design, shop drawing, and fabrication.
  • EBS leverages staff with backgrounds in commercial building
    construction as well as manufacturing.

Worldwide Installation

EBS has a full team ready to implement your solution throughout the world.

Clear-Eyed Advisors

We’re not tied down to a few products that we’re obligated to sell. Instead, we help customers source the products that serve their mission.


Power systems based on facility need.
Multiple generator size and fuel options.
Skid-mounted generators for easy load-unload from containers.

Water, sanitary sewer system and hookup.

Other utilities based on requirements.

Environmental Control Units (ECUs)
Turnkey Environmental control systems properly sized and  nstalled to meet the mission and fuctionality of outfitted structure

Ventilation System
Ventilation system fully designed for customers structure meeting all intended use guidelines set forth by mission.

High Volume Low Speed (HVLS) Fans
For large area structures.

Precast Concrete
Concrete temporary foundation systems.

Erosion Control
Custom design rip rap, drainage, or other system based on site environment.

Pre-Cast Ballast and Stabilization Units
Off-site manufactured, relocatable ballast, stabilization, and  foundation system.

Fully designed and engineered bridge systems for temporary and expeditionary use.

Ops Dirt
Turnkey OPS DIRT for site rapid site development.

Turnstile Acces Systems
Turnkey Entrance and Exit turnstile systems, custom-designed  based on facility access security requirements.

Access Control
Fully integrated Acess control systems designed and installed to comply with facility security.

Indoor/ outdoor Closed Curcuit TV systems designed to meet all customers CCTV and security requirements.


Pace Rapid Access Container System
20′ container with a fully extendable winch chain-driven steel deck that can be utilized for the ease of access and ease of storage of all mission gear (including racking, generators, water containers).