Modular Structures

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EBS Modular Facilities combine the integrity of framed construction with the flexibility and speed of prefabrication. Modular facilities meet a range of mission requirements, including rapid production and install, portability, and large-space requirements.

Rapid Allocation

EBS uses modular facilities to allocate space for a wide range of purposes, including office, housing, classrooms, and storage. Ideal for rapid, multi-building deployment within the continental US.

  • Rapid deployment of space.
  • Ability to quickly meet building comfort and finish requirements.

Ultimate Flexibility

Modular facilities have the ability to ship flat and assemble quickly. Once installed, these facilities can be secured or relocated using EBS zero-disturbance foundation systems.


Camp Bullis Classroom Facilities

Deployment of multiple classrooms at Joint Base San Antonio. EBS delivered instruction space within a short time frame, all while delivering high-quality building systems and unique interior finishes.

Hallettsville B-Hut

Typical B-Hut (Barracks Hut) facilities are designed to be put together by a team of 4-8 in a day. Using a new metal style, our B-Hut is capable of being erected by a crew of 4 in no more than 4 hours. Pictured below: Halletsville B-Hut after assembly.